“Whisper” Song Earns Ying Yang Twins ASMR Lifetime Achievement Award [Satire]

Hollywood, CA (ASMR Lounge) – On Saturday night, longtime radio fixtures “the Ying Yang Twins” were recognized with this year’s ASMR Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Many people know that ASMR is a term for the relaxation and satisfaction you get when listening to certain sounds or watching certain calming movements.  In an increasingly stressful world, more and more people are turning to ASMR for relaxation and sleep. 

But, what few people know is that the Ying Yang Twins are the reason ASMR was discovered.  The theory of gravity has Sir Isaac Newton’s apple, and ASMR has the Ying Yang Twins.  In 2005, the Ying Yang Twins released their hit #1 single, “Wait,” more commonly known as “the Whisper Song”:

For the ‘Twins, the song was bigger than music sales, it was about relaxation.  In a 2005 interview with Sleepy Serenity magazine, the Ying Yang Twins explained that “to be honest, it’s not about the champagne and cars, it’s about helping people relax and fall asleep.” 

To say that the Ying Yang Twins succeeded would be an overstatement.  In the same year that the Whisper Song was released, the sleep market suffered the biggest market downturn in history.  Sleep doctor bankruptcies skyrocketed 52%, Google searches for “sleep aids” went down 37%, and coffee sales imploded.  After a decade of research, researchers finally connected the dots and concluded that it was the Ying Yang Twins’ hit song that turned the sleep market on its head.

This discovery led to the discovery of a phenomenon that we now call “autonomous sensory meridian response,” or “ASMR” for short.  Today, ASMR is a global phenomenon, but in 2005, it was the Ying Yang Twins pushing the envelope even when the science had not yet caught up.  In a very real way, we would not know that ASMR exists without the Ying Yang Twins. 

15 years after the song’s release, its effects are still felt throughout the ASMR industry.  Many of the core triggers in ASMR are a direct homage to the music video for the Whisper Song.  Fans of ear to ear whispers, personal attention, fizzing drinks, slight awkwardness, and hand sounds (a main instrument in the song is a finger snap) all have the Ying Yang Twins to thank.  Even the imagery is mirrored, from close-ups with lip gloss, to dark, clean, smooth backgrounds—it all has its roots here.  Truly, the Ying Yang Twins didn’t only prompt the scientific discovery of ASMR, but they created the playbook for the modern ASMR video.  

The Ying Yang Twins have long been viewed as pioneers in the ASMR community, and Saturday night’s award cemented their place in history.  We thank the Ying Yang Twins for their contributions to the world of ASMR. 


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