TEDx Explores the Cutting Edge Science of ASMR [Watch]

“Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,” or ASMR for short, is more than just an internet fad. It’s cutting edge science. In his presentation at TEDxCharlottesville, Dr. Craig Richard explains the developing science and research behind the strange phenomenon.

Dr. Richard explains that when he stumbled onto ASMR less than a decade ago, there were no peer-reviewed research studies exploring ASMR. Now, Dr. Richard is at the forefront of a wave of research being done on ASMR.

Because of his contributions to the understanding of ASMR, Dr. Richard is likely the most visible thought leader in the ASMR world. When the New York Times or NBC needs a quote from an ASMR expert, he’s the man they turn to. ASMR fans might even recognize him as the man behind ASMR University, and the author of the book Brain Tingles. Fairly, he is the de facto face of the science behind ASMR.

So sit back, relax, and let Dr. Richards teach you about how far the science of ASMR has come (and where it’s going).

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