3 Brands Leaning in on ASMR in 2020

If you mention ASMR to someone over fifty, chances are they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about.  Mention it to a Gen Z or Millennial, and chances are that they will shyly say they know what is, but don’t watch it themselves (read:  I watch it, but it’s kind of weird so I don’t tell anyone).  Whether people want to admit it or not, people love ASMR, and brands have caught on. 

ASMR made a big splash in 2019 when Michelob ran an ASMR-themed Superbowl ad featuring Zoe Kravitz.  A year later, brands are still riding the ASMR wave to market their products.  We’ve rounded up three of the most visible brands who have leaned-in on ASMR in 2020.


Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies online coupons to save its users money, and has hitched its wagon to ASMR in a very significant way.  People who watch ASMR videos will be the first to let you know that Honey is extremely active in this space.  Honey regularly sponsors videos of market leaders like Gibi ASMR, as well as rising stars in the ASMR space like Madi ASMR.  In addition, Honey also releases ASMR content on its own channel featuring prominent ASMR artists:

But, Honey’s game isn’t just about volume, its about fit as well.  Honey’s strategy simply makes sense—Gen Z and Millennials love online shopping and ASMR.  Communicating with customers through a medium they gobble up is a great way to not only raise brand awareness but also drive conversion.  Real talk, one of our editors confessed to signing up for Honey because of an ASMR Glow video.    

How has it worked for Honey?  Gibi ASMR posted a clip recently explaining that her fans alone had saved over $575,000 using the browser extension.  We’ll let you be the judge.


Audible has long been active in the ASMR space.  Of the sample of content creators we analyzed, Audible had more sponsored videos than any other brand in 2020. 

Again, the pairing just makes sense.  At its core, Audible is a company that sells…recordings of people’s voices.  ASMR videos are…recordings of people’s voices.  Simply put, ASMR fans are likely to embrace Audible since it’s not all that different from the media they already consume.  For some, the purpose of Audible might even serve the very same purpose as an ASMR video—which is to disconnect from the world for a few minutes.  Audible has a big presence in the ASMR space for a long time and halfway through 2020 they are showing no signs of slowing down.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is another brand that has been extremely visible in the ASMR space.  Their products naturally pair with a pillar of the ASMR world:  barbershop shave videos. 

Though, Dollar Shave Club’s strategy differs from Honey’s.  Honey’s strategy is to get the content creator to promote their product for the first minute or two of a video.  For Dollar Shave Club, their product is the video.  Where Honey’s strategy is to be the commercial, Dollar Shave Club’s strategy is to be the show.  Dollar Shave Club has entire category of videos built around the use of their product.  It’s genius really.   

And, let’s not forget how Dollar Shave Club got to where it is today:  viral marketing.  As Inc.com put it “Dollar Shave Club got its first big boost from a 2012 YouTube video that cost $4500 and took a single day to shoot. It went supernova-viral in 72 hours.”  It’s safe to say the folks at Dollar Shave Club know a thing or two about how to market their products, and the fact that they’re betting on ASMR means something. 

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