ASMR Channels That Do This Have 635% More Subscribers

Editor’s Note:  This is the first article in a series called “Creator’s Corner” where we provide insights, analytics, and tips to help ASMR content creators grow their YouTube channel.  

Why subscribers are so important

YouTube content creators can tell you that subscriber count is everything.  You need it to show up organically.  You need it to monetize.  You need it for reach.  You need it for, well, pretty much everything.  There’s a reason it’s the most commonly used measuring stick for success on YouTube. 

Understandably, people will do pretty much anything to get subscribers.  Some people opt for the all too common phrase “don’t forget to hit subscribe and slap that like button guys, it really helps the channel.”  Others resort to buying subscribers (please don’t, its not worth it).  Getting subscribers is hard, we get it.  And we’re here to help. 

How important is a name, anyway?  Very. 

So, for the first installment of Creators Corner, we’re starting with the simplest tips that can make the big differences. Alright . . . you ready? . . . here we go . . . PUT “ASMR” IN YOUR CHANNEL NAME!  Mind-blowing stuff.  I know.  But you’d be surprised how big of a difference this one simple change can make.    

Our researchers reviewed hundreds of ASMR focused YouTube channels to see just how important this step was.  Our researchers concluded that, of the most popular channels in our survey, ASMR channels that have “ASMR” in their name have 227% more subscribers than ASMR channels that don’t. 

When you take an even deeper look, the difference becomes even more staggering.  Of the channels that don’t have “ASMR” in their name, we noticed that most of the more successful channels were not exclusively ASMR channels.  A great example of this type is itsblitzzz, who makes awesome ASMR content, but also puts out other high quality non-ASMR content as well.  While she is definitely an ASMR artist, her channel is broader than just ASMR.  When you remove these types of channels from the data set, and do the comparison again, channels that had “ASMR” in their name had 635% more subscribers.  Stated another way, ASMR focused channels that do have “ASMR” in their name (for example, ASMR Glow) on average have 635% more subscribers than do ASMR focused channels that do not have “ASMR” in their channel name (for example, Goodnight Moon).   

“channels that had ‘ASMR’ in their name had 635% more subscribers”

Take aways for your channel

If you have a channel that focuses primarily on ASMR content, you should consider whether adding “ASMR” to you channel name might help you grow.  It might not be the right move for all channels, but it’s a small change that can make a big difference.  Even if you have a following and some name recognition, its not too late.  A few notable channels have made this exact same change. 

If, on the other hand, you have a blended channel that posts some ASMR content, changing your channel name could still be helpful.  Lots of channels with ASMR in their name still regularly post non-ASMR content.  But, if not all of your subscribers are ASMR fans, it might make your channel more niche than you want it to be.  Either way, it’s something to consider. 

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